Jogi Nyorai Saihoji TempleJogi Nyorai Saihoji Temple

Welcome to Our Peaceful and Mindful Temple

Jogi Nyorai has stayed close to people and helped them to realize their hopes and dreams for 800 years.

Jogi Nyorai Saihoji Temple is a Buddhist temple in Sendai, Japan.
Our most sacred treasure is a painted scroll of Amida Buddha located in the main temple. This holy painting of Amida Buddha is called Jogi Nyorai. Jogi is the location, and Nyorai means Buddha. This is a secret Buddha, and the center door is opened only five times each year.
Jogi Nyorai is believed to bring good luck to those who pray regularly for their family’s happiness such as for weddings, easy childbirth, good health, or professional success.
Many people, attracted by the Buddha’s miraculous virtues, continue to visit the temple to pray.

Directions to Jogi Nyorai

By bus

Get on the bus at bus stop #10 at Sendai Station west entrance.
Look for the bus with the sign that says “Jogi” or 定義. This is the last stop for the bus.

・Fee:  1,160 yen
・Duration:  80 to 90 minutes

By car

Begin at the Tohoku Jidoshado Freeway. Get off at the Sendai Miyagi Interchange at Route 48 West (to Yamagata). Turn right at "Kumagane" or 熊ヶ根 and drive for about 15 minutes.

Trip duration from the Sendai-Miyagi Interchange:  40-50 minutes


Address:  1 Joge Aza Okura Aobaku Sendai Miyagi 989-3213
Phone:  022-393-2011
Fax:  022-393-2013

Follow the route to Jogi Nyorai Saihoji Temple